"Stand Up And Be Counted!"

A Call came through last night
Sound by a high buzzing in my ear,
Today I am told it is my Trumpet Call
To "Stand Up And Be Counted!"

Now is not the time to Soul travel
To the Higher Planes
Now is the time to gather the Harvest Within
For the Messengers are coming here.

Is my house clean enough?
Are the cobwebs decorating the corners
Enough to show
That "Medicine Work" is more important
Than a home with a chemical glow.
Is my empty bank account sufficient?
Revealing my Heart Living as the Way
To Love my Fellow Travellers and Children,
Bringing Light to Them every day.
Do I Love myself enough
Not to run and hide
From Sacred Recognition
Of Evolving Inside?

"Stand Up And Be Counted!"
And I cry,
Because I tend to be overwhelmed
When Embraced with Love and Joy
By Light Beings from the Most High.

@Lorraine Ashkanase 10.28.1999

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